Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We had a great day hiking up to Donut Falls. We were joined by Ali, Martha, Johanna, Kippy, and cousin Lindsay. There were a lot of people that had the same idea as us, but we were lucky to find a great parking spot right at the start of the trail head (Which is the most important thing when your going on a hike. You must conserve you energy for the determined task!).
We found the same tree that we carved our names into in 2007. Look just above our heads in the picture of us in front of the tree...oh cute...
The kids did great and loved enjoying the dirt, rocks, and water.

Time to Relax

In between all of the fun and work we did manage to find a little time to just relax. Arlo surprised us one night by just making a jump for it and landing in the hot tub with us. Apparently he loves to swim and he's pretty good at it too!

I love spending late Sunday afternoons at Martha's. That's me with my favorite blanket just lounging.

Big Move

Cole and I moved! No more duplex...we are now in a home. Thank you to all the muscle's that helped us get to our fabulous new place! We had everyone from the heavy lifting men to the prego sister to the little hands of a precious 3 year old. All the hands were much needed and we are so grateful that we got it all done in one day and one big truck load.

Happy 24th of July

I loved having you all over for a great 24th of July BBQ! I am so glad that we now have a home/yard big enough to have everyone here. My favorite thing is having both of our families together at the same time. The giant slip'n slide was a big hit and the fireworks from the city couldn't have been more perfect! They were exploding high in the sky about a block away. You are all invited again next year.

Reunion Continued..

The weekend continued at the Whitby ranch... It was Father's Day that weekend and Aunt Liz organized everyone to make a T-shirt for Bones (Grandpa Al).
We also had a great time trap shooting, four-wheeling, and eating!

Family Reunion Time

The summer started out great with a Martin Family Reunion. The long weekend started with a day at the beach. We had water, sunscreen, and great food to munch on. It was a little chilly, but somehow Cole managed to get a wicked sunburn from the knee's down.

We're Back....

After taking the summer off, it is definitely time to update you on all the great things that happened this summer. Enjoy!